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Cafe 290 - Coffee

  • We use only Organic and Fair Trade Certified Beans. Organic coffee matters to your health. As one of the most absorbent crops on the planet, coffee derives its flavor directly from the soil. This is how an Ethiopian coffee tastes different from a coffee grown in Papua New Guinea. This is the real beauty of coffee and its curse. Just as coffee develops a plethora of delicious flavors from each region, it also absorbs a multitude of dangerous chemicals from pesticides and herbicides. Despite coffee's absorbency many do not consider the danger of pesticides used in cultivating coffee. We do, that is why we only serve oragnically grown coffee.

    Our House Blend coffee is an Ethiopian grown Sidamo bean that is roasted locally; once roasted it travels less than 15 miles to get to us. It is a medium roast which preserves slightly higher caffeine content than dark roasted coffee, giving you that morning kick that you need to start your day. We brew our coffee directly into triple insulated aluminum pots preserving the correct temperature without continuing to brew the coffee in glass pots on hot plates. This maintains the balance that we worked so hard to achieve in our bean and roast selection. Most people use sugar to balance bitter coffee our coffee is so well balanced and maintained that you won't need sugar, you can enjoy it in its pure form. If you have never tried our coffee, come on in first cup is on us!


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